All Stars 2014

Scrimmage and a game – Didn’t get to go to a lot of games this year either. Campaigning really ate into the summer.

Deegan loved to imitate his Uncle Parker.

Memorial Day at the Basin

We went first to Vernal then the Ranch then the Basin.  I got to tow the flat bed trailer with diesel and railroad ties into the basin while Dave roaded the grader.

Harley Dude

Clark came over on his Harley and we did a quick photo shoot.  The series where it looks like and Dave are fighting – they are not.  They were having a fun conversation.  Sometimes looks can be deceiving.




Zak’s First Swim Meet

We got to watch Zak’s First swim meet.  Jamie had to be in SLC with Brooks at a dance meet and Nick had to work, so we were his support.  He did great!