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Boulder Creek June 2017

21 June, 2017

21 We went up to Boulder Lake on June 21 to check it out before camping out on the 4th.  The creek was at flood stage and even below the dam there was whitewater.  

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River Summer 2017

18 June, 2017

Because of the extraordinary runoff, the river remained extremely high during June and July.  We also got to see a great supply of waterfowl.

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Zak Graduates

18 June, 2017

On June 17, 2017, Zak graduated high school.  This proud grandma promises she didn’t cry at all (at least not until the processional started).  Parker had one of my cameras, Myah had my cell phone, Brooks had the video camera.  We kept a good record of it. This is the graduation This is the party […]

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Neighborhood Shots

29 May, 2017

This is a post that will be constantly updating as the year goes on. This spring, we had a gorgeous supermoon and someone tipped one of the fake cows.  

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Brooks Award

17 May, 2017

Brooks’ parents will attend the opening of a door if it involves their children.  Therefore, by some unbelievable stroke of amazing fate, they were both unable to attend Brooks’ back to school night and her awards program.  Guess what!  Grandpa and I got to go to both.  I got video of her looking for me […]

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River Spring 2017

9 May, 2017

As soon as we got a bit of thaw, we took to dog down to the river.  There were still large ice floes in April and May.  The water was past flood stage.  At one time, she got stuck in trees that weren’t normally in the river, so we moved our normal spot to a […]

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Vernal April 2017

22 April, 2017

We knew the day was coming, but we were all surprised at how fast the nursing home found a room for Dave’s Mom and Dad.  On April 22, we went down to help clean out the old homestead and see mom and dad in their new “home”.

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Easter 2017

16 April, 2017

For Easter this year, we went to Expedition Island with the local crew.  The kids had fun almost breaking their necks on the swings.  The dog had a blast in the river.  Monika also sent me a video of the NC crew opening their Easter Baskets.

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Zak & Cece Prom

1 April, 2017

April 1, 2017 Zak took Cece to prom.  Jamie bought the dress and the jewelry for Cece.  She looked stunning!

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Dan & Allyson

29 March, 2017

Dan, Allyson, Elly Belly and Charlie came to visit March 29th.   It was so wonderful to see them.

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