Boulder 4th of July

We went to Boulder Lake for the 4th of July instead of the Basin.  Parker’s baseball schedule was brutal.  Because we went to Boulder, Nick and Jamie were able to make a couple of day trips up to see us while we camped.

Day 1 July 2

Finished last minute travel trailer packing after North Carolina travelers arrived late the night before. Then we went up, chose our campsite, set up camp and WD proceeded to get dirty.

Day 2 July 3

 Chris and Jaxson arrived in the wee hours of the morning after driving around trying to figure out where we had set up camp.  Then they set up their camp too.  The next morning we headed from the campsite to the lakeside.  The dog said finally!   Nick, Jamie, Parker, Brooks and Myah came up that day.

Day 3 July 4

Chris and Jaxson broke camp in the morning and headed back to the big city so Jax could spend time with his friends for the 4th.  Nick, Jamie, Parker, Zak, Brooks, Shawneen, Myah and Adlee came up for the day.

Day 3 in Pinedale Park

Shawneen and Adlee headed back to town.  We went back to cook dinner at the travel trailer and had a major catastrophe, so we headed into Pinedale earlier than expected and ate at the brewery before heading over to the park to watch Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs

4th of July Fireworks

Then we went up the hill to watch the fireworks.  We were really close to where they were setting them off, so were able to feel the jolt when the entire fireworks launching platform collapsed, sending random fireworks shooting everywhere.  It sort of looked like a mortar hit or something.  The show ended prematurely when the fireworks launched into town.  I had just been sitting there with my finger on the photo button so captured pictures of it all.

Day 4

We dumped the leftover generator fuel into the gas tank of my car and headed into town so the NC People could catch a plane the next morning.  We went to Sapporo for dinner.  WD was fascinated.  So was Miss Mabel until the noodles came then she only had eyes for the noodles.


Mabel practicing her walking skilz in camp, the dog towing Myah out to the older kids on tubes, dog digging rocks, Zak freezing while bringing the tube back to shore, digging in the sand, dancing in the park and Jamie Parodying a viral video when the fire started at the fireworks.

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