Broken Foot 2018

Allyson and I had long discussed a photo essay with her and Ellie and the murals so we headed out the morning of April 29th do shoot photos. We were having a great time. When we got to the 2nd mural, I was walking sideways along the edge of the sidewalk shooting and my foot went off the edge of the sidewalk and rolled. I could feel the bones crunch as they broke. Welp, so much for that. We headed to the ER. Interestingly enough, Allyson was the one who went to the ER with me when I broke my foot in 2013 as well.

It was kind of deja vu. They wouldn’t believe it was broken, they cared so much (NOT) that they brought an ice pack in for the foot (after I asked for it) and left it sitting on the counter for me to look at. I had to actually ask before a nurse very grudgingly cleaned up the gash on my arm. The big difference was that when they said I needed to go to the local orthopedic surgeon (the same one who messed up my foot in 2013), I told them flat out I would not go there and would go somewhere else.

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