Broken Foot

On February 22, 2013, I was walking downstairs kicking laundry in front of me and tripped over the dog, I twisted in just the wrong way and got a compound fracture of my left metatarsal.

I decided to go to the local emergency room (bad decision #1). After waiting 2 hours, they told me it wasn’t broken because they couldn’t read their x-rays because their x-ray developer was broken and I wasn’t screaming and yelling so of course my foot wasn’t broken so they sent me home. Two hours later they called me back in and put me in a boot because it WAS broken.

Mistake #2, I went to the local orthopedic doctor (and I use the term loosely) because I was sure I would have to have surgery that day. He said it would heal on its own. I looked at him aghast and he said “they shouldn’t have let you look at the x-rays. put me in a cast and had me walk with the bone wiggling around until May. Guess what, it didn’t heal.

Not to be outdone, my son Chris got in a 4-wheeler accident on February 27, 2013 so he could have some pins in his arm.

In April, 2013, I finally got a bone graft and the doctor wrapped some wires around the bone and the bones got a chance to start the healing process. That was all for 2013. to be continued in 2014 when the problems were still continuing.

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