Sandpuppy Bash Apr 6

April 6, 2019 kicked off the 2019 baseball season with the annual Legion Sandpuppy bash. Parker wasn’t there because it was also prom night. The bash was awesome. Noah Galloway was there and he was a big hit. He also spilled beer on Shawneen.

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Vernal Equinox

We went to the river to see if we could see any sign of melting on the first day of Spring. We were rewarded with lots of snow, grebes, otters, ducks, geese and yes, a little ribbon of melt running down the river. Photos Video

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Adlee’s 2nd Birthday

I had to work and missed Adlee’s 2nd birthday party. At least I got a chance to wrap her some presents in cute Minnie Mouse paper. Jamie took photos of the fun for me and sent them to me. Adlee had a ball at the party but didn’t enjoy the singing of happy birthday or […]

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I-80 Traffic Jam

Usually the traffic is not bad in Wyoming. The eclipse traffic was not even very bad. BUT all you have to do is close the interstate for 12 hours and let the semis sit and whoa! baby you’ve got traffic. When we left the Homestead, we knew the border was closed due to snowstorms, so […]

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Ice Castles

Our main reason for staying at the Homestead was so we could visit the Ice Castles. We have been trying for a few years now to get our schedule to match the short time they are open every year. It is not something you go see again and again, but they were very beautiful, I’m […]

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We went to Homestead Resorts for our Joint Birthday Celebration. This year we celebrated 3 birthdays: Me, granddaughter Brooks and great granddaughter Adlee. We ate dinner at Simon’s in the Homestead, went to the Ice Castles (see this post) then came back and went swimming. We spent the night at the hotel. Dave and I […]

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