Christmas 2018

For Christmas, we did what has not become the traditional prime rib dinner with way too much food (ok any family get together we have has way too much food). Dave is the prime rib cooker, no matter who buys it. My brother gave us Rock-em-Sock-em Robots for Christmas and we had a lot of […]

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Wrapping Presents

Yes I have a whole post for presents I wrapped this year. You would too if your started wrapping in early November and wrapped right up to Christmas Eve, then a couple more after Christmas for a few out of towners. I wrapped for Jamie and Nick — any presents they brought over for anyone. […]

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Pets 2018

Both pets remained snuggly, just not with each other. I’m not sure why Chessie had to wear the collar of shame in April, but she did. In September, she consumed mass quantities of sand on a camping trip and spent two days in the hospital while they got it out of her belly. A few […]

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When Parker was there on Halloween, he commented that they hadn’t had a sleepover for quite some time. I jumped on the chance, because frankly I thought since the kids were teenagers, the sleepover days were over. We had them over on November 3.

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