Adlee’s 2nd Birthday

I had to work and missed Adlee’s 2nd birthday party. At least I got a chance to wrap her some presents in cute Minnie Mouse paper. Jamie took photos of the fun for me and sent them to me. Adlee had a ball at the party but didn’t enjoy the singing of happy birthday or […]

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Christmas 2018

For Christmas, we did what has not become the traditional prime rib dinner with way too much food (ok any family get together we have has way too much food). Dave is the prime rib cooker, no matter who buys it. My brother gave us Rock-em-Sock-em Robots for Christmas and we had a lot of […]

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Brooks Dance 2018

Brooks changed dance companies. She had two dance performances this year. The first one on May 20th, I was in a wheelchair and sat apart from the rest of the family, but got some good photos. The second one on December 20th, Dave didn’t get to go to, but I got to sit near the […]

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Glade & Sharon 50th

We traveled to Greeley, CO to attend Glade and Sharon’s 50th Wedding Anniversary on September 29, 2018 at the Greeley Automotive museum. Then we went over to their house for a nice visit, then stopped in Vernal for a visit. Dave’s mom and dad weren’t able to make it to the celebration so we showed […]

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