Brooks Dance 2018

Brooks changed dance companies. She had two dance performances this year. The first one on May 20th, I was in a wheelchair and sat apart from the rest of the family, but got some good photos. The second one on December 20th, Dave didn’t get to go to, but I got to sit near the […]

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Legion Banquet

The American Legion Baseball Banquet kicks off the baseball season and is a big moneymaker for the guys’ season. There is a silent auction as well as an auction after the banquet. Allyson was in town for the banquet this year as well. It was a well attended event. Jamie sent me the baseball schedules […]

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Legion Ball 2017

This year, I actually got to see a lot of games.  Jamie and I were texting back and forth about the baseball games and she said, “you have to take 40,000,000 pictures of baseball.”  I said “I think I’m about 12 away from that right now”, she said “I think you’re about 12 over”.  That […]

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