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Sledding 2015

26 December, 2015

Finally!  Snow.  Enough that we can go sledding.  We took advantage of it and went up to the dunes for some fun.  The dog, Allyson and Elly Belly enjoyed the day too and Allyson got to have her first squadpic.

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3 October, 2015

Parker excelled this year in football and there are hundreds of photos to prove it.  Here are some from the games I went to.  

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Dance 2015

1 July, 2015

This portfolio will be updating throughout 2015 as Brooklyn continues to dance her way through the year.  She started her solo career this year, winning Queen at the solo competition while her grandpa and I were in St. George watching her brother play baseball.   The video below is from 2014.  Look at how much […]

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Baseball 2015

12 May, 2015

Baseball is the big deal.  Parker was in Little League and traveling baseball.  It was a rainy season.  A lot of games were cancelled and lots were cold. Little League Traveling Tournament St. George We traveled to St. George, UT to watch Parker play (no we couldn’t find one further away, but thanks for asking).  […]

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Spring Break 2015

4 April, 2015

We had arrived in town the night before, so we were up bright and early and headed out to the aquarium.  It was crowded but we had a fun time exploring it.  Then we went to the trampolines.  Well the kids and Nick and Jamie went to the trampolines, the old fogies went to the […]

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Brooks 2014-2015 Basketball Season

22 February, 2015

Brooks’ basketball season actually started out comically with the parents on the bench yelling things like “run”, “shoot”, “throw”, “not that basket”  The Harlem Globetrotters had nothing on these girls.  The team, however settled in to a good groove and started playing some cohesive basketball.

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Swimming 2014-2015

22 January, 2015

I didn’t get to go to a lot of swim meets, and actually watched more than I photographed, but Zak continually improved.  It was Jessee’s last year.

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Baseball 2014

27 September, 2014

  Baseball consisted of Little League and all Stars this year. Little League All Stars  

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Football 2014

18 September, 2014

Junior High had very few football games.  I got to go to even fewer of them.  Okay, I got to go to ONE of them.  Are you happy now?

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Basin 2014

4 July, 2014

4th of July 2014.  A pregnant Monika and of course Brent too were there for the 2nd year.  Chris made it up again too.  Jax made it but not Alley.  Shooting and talent show as usual then more shooting. Family Fun Auction/Talent Show Shooting

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