844 Comes to Town

On March, my beloved 844 came through town then back through town.    I got a blowby in Rock Springs and got it blowing steam when it left Green River on the way back a few days later.  Yes, it was worth standing in the freezing rain to do it.

Christmas 2016

This years’ Christmas, we were sick of the snow and headed out to Arizona to enjoy some warmth.  What a pleasant change.  The worst part was the traffic in Sedona, but it was wonderful spending time with my little brother who came in from Utah and my little sister who lives there.

October 15 Drive

On October 15, 2016, I went to see a baseball game alone for Parker because Dave had to work.  I took advantage of the opportunity to take photos without the worry of annoying anyone by saying “oooh – stop so I can take a photo of that”.  Guess what, by the end of the trip, I was annoying myself.  I take a lot of photos (in case anyone hadn’t figured that out by now).

SLC August 2016

I went to SLC in August 2016 to say bye to Alley before she headed to college and to visit my friend Julia who was in a coma – she’s good now!

Intermittent Springs 2015

We went to Star Valley to watch Parker play football.  After the game, we went to Intermittent Springs.  It meant missing the block party back in town, but it was worth the trip.

At one point, an elderly woman and her husband were at the bottom of the mountain going up to the springs.  There were two young men who didn’t know the woman who helped the woman up and down the mountain while her husband waited at the bottom.

Christmas 2014

I called Christmas 2014 the “Rock Star Tour Christmas”

We didn’t spend much time at the house for Christmas 2014.  We were on the road visiting relatives for the vacation.  Here are the few minutes we got to spend at home.

We then headed out to Vernal to spend time with the family and to get together for a 5-generation photo.

Then we headed to Salem for a family get-together.

Willem DANGER is born

Late 2015 heralded the long awaited arrival of #theWD.  We went to North Carolina to welcome him.

The scenery was amazing, not the sort of growth we were used to that’s for sure.



Yahoo We Got Our Canoe

We finally got our new (to us) canoe so we can tool down the river in style, thus keeping the doggie happily swimming.  We had to drive quite a ways to pick it up.  The people we bought it from had pet ducks and lived in a rustic cabin which the husband had built himself.  It also came as a surprise to me that ducks shake off like dogs after they get out of the water.