We went to Homestead Resorts for our Joint Birthday Celebration. This year we celebrated 3 birthdays: Me, granddaughter Brooks and great granddaughter Adlee. We ate dinner at Simon’s in the Homestead, went to the Ice Castles (see this post) then came back and went swimming. We spent the night at the hotel. Dave and I were in one cottage, Shawneen and her girls were in the Ranch House and the rest of the family was in the bunk house.

The next morning we got up and found out the roads were closed at the Wyoming border so we took our time getting home. We ate breakfast at Franny’s Grill. There was a warm pond outside the grill where we were able to feed bread to a bunch of big greedy fish and one pushy duck.


Video: Swimming

Swimming at Homestead
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Video: Fish and a Duck in Warm Ponds

Warm Ponds Homestead
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