I-80 Traffic Jam

Usually the traffic is not bad in Wyoming. The eclipse traffic was not even very bad. BUT all you have to do is close the interstate for 12 hours and let the semis sit and whoa! baby you’ve got traffic. When we left the Homestead, we knew the border was closed due to snowstorms, so we meandered our way there. When it hadn’t opened by the time we hit Evanston, we gathered at the Maverick and made alternate plans for back roads to get home. Then we got on the freeway and headed to the alternate exit. As we were getting to our alternate exit, the freeway opened and we were at the very front of the pack on the newly opened freeway. This was very fortuitous. As you can see from the westbound traffic we ran into 30 miles down the road, we would have been stuck in a similar traffic jam if we had hit the freeway after it opened. As it was, we made it home 20 minutes before the SuperBowl (yawn) started.



Snow Traffic Jam
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