Labor Day 2017

For Labor Day, we traveled back up to Boulder Lake to enjoy the water. We camped by the creek and “commuted” to the lake during the day.

Day 1 September 1

We arrive at the campground by the creek late afternoon. We have it all to ourselves! What luxury. We set up and go exploring a little bit before settling in for the night.

Day 2 September 2

Myah got up bright and early and comes over to get great grandma up. Myah, Brooks and I went out exploring exploring. Parker went fishing. After everyone else got up and we all eat breakfast, we made a quick trip to Pinedale to stock up on some more provisions. On the way back we saw some llamas. When we got back to camp, we up and headed for the lake where we spend the day canoeing, Parker did some fishing, Brooks spent time in the water, jumping off the dock or playing eternal fetch with the dog. The dog was partial to giant logs or giant rocks.

When we came back to camp, there were some people at the campground on the other side. Myah was worried because there were people in “our” campground. We had to explain to her that it was a public campground and it was ok for them to be there. We went over and talked to them. They were from Utah and had an Antelope license for hunting. Then we went back to our camp and Parker and Brooklyn went out to find some bullheads for bait for the next day.

Day 3 September 3

No trip to town, so we got an early start on the beach. We got sand castles, fetch, Parker fishing (am I sensing a pattern here?) and the dog fetching logs. In the evening, Parker took us for a ride in the side by side and Myah got a great picture of her eye. The moon got larger. Our “neighbors” got their antelope and broke camp. We were the beneficiaries of a bunch of great corn that they still had so we roasted it over the fire. Myah, Brooks and Parker went bullhead hunting and we got magic fire in the campfire.

Day 4 September 4

Packing up to go home. One last side by side trip and the dog gets one last dip in the creek.


Labor Day 2017
Boulder Lake
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