2012 saw more visits to the hospital than I remembered, but here they are documented in photos and video.

Dave’s dad fell off a ladder in February 2012. Some high school kids found him laying on the ground and he was life flighted.

In March 2012, Brooklyn biffed it and her face took the damage.

May started with Zak going in the hospital for appendicitis, Parker was climbing on cabinets and fell down and skinned his leg and Brooks broke her arm.

I was in ICU in June for a blood clot and found out I had a genetic defect that made my blood to thick.

In July 2012, Dave went in for a biopsy.

Then in November 2012, I went in for a septal alcohol ablation because my heart muscle was so large I had trouble breathing so they gave me a heart attack to make it smaller. It worked well (except for those 36 hours or so when my heart didn’t beat at all and the pacemaker had to do all the work).


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